Chania Port
Car Rental

We will pick you up from the port and bring you to our offices in order to pick up your car! Look out for the van with our logo on it.

(+30) 2111875548

Operating Hours

Monday to Friday: 08:00 – 18:00
Saturday:   Upon request
Sunday: Upon request

Some information about Chania

Chania is a city in Crete that is located on the island’s westernmost tip. Although certain areas have become tourist attractions, Chania’s beaches and villages retain their traditional charm. The northern part of the island is more developed, with luxury tourist facilities and planned beaches. This is where you’ll find Chania’s most popular beach settlements. The southern side, on the other hand, is more remote and traditional, with little seaside communities and undeveloped beaches.

The area of Chania maintains its traditional architecture as a result of its lengthy history and rich culture. A stroll around the Old Town, with its strong Medieval architecture, is like taking a trip back in time. The Venetian harbor of Chania Town is western Crete’s most iconic location. Chania vacations blend leisure on beautiful beaches, historical tours, and a taste of real life.

The city is an ideal place to spend your vacation renting a car using Yours Car Rental. You can book your car rental, through our online booking system and forget about any kind of hustles when picking it up!

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